March 10, 2010

Home Remedies & Prevention for Black Spots on Lips

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If the black spot on your lip has developed just recently, it would be a good idea to get it examined immediately by a dermatologist to rule out the remote chance of it being the beginning of lip cancer. Apart from this, there are several other reasons for black spots to appear on the lips. They could be due to excessive exposure to the sun, due to smoking regularly, drinking too much coffee, due to some allergy or reaction to some treatment that you are undergoing, or even due to your habit of biting your lips. You, therefore, first need to find out the exact cause for the appearance of these black spots to effectively take care of this problem.

How to get rid of Black Spots on Lips?

While you are doing that, you can start administrating certain home made, natural remedies to lighten these spots, as these remedies will take a long time to show visible results. As a rule, make it point to apply the sun screen lotion to your lips as well when you go out in the sun. In fact, even if you don’t go out of the house, make it a point to apply the lotion on your lips at regular intervals throughout the day. Also, make sure that the lip balm that you use contains ingredients that will protect your lips from the sun. Apart from this, you can also use aloe vera gel on a regular basis to help lighten and remove the black spots. In fact, regular and diligent application of the gel is known to show results in a week’s time. You can also prepare a lip cream by mixing honey, almond oil, milk powder, and lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients in equal quantities. You can apply this to your lips everyday, for at least 15-20 minutes if not more. You can also take a slice of raw potato and rub that over your lips. Raw potato is a very effective bleaching agent. Another ingredient that is well known for its bleaching properties and works effectively is lime juice. And when this is mixed with glycerin, it works wonders. The other thing that is known to be equally effective in removing dark spots is saffron. What you can do is take a teaspoon of milk cream and let a few strands of saffron soak in it for at least 24 hours. After that, apply this milk cream to your lips before going to sleep and leave it on for the whole night.