Natural Healing Methods Steam Burns: For What Should I Do If I Got My Steam Burn Today And I Ran Cold Water Over My 4 Fingers But Whenever I Take My Fingers Out Of The Water A Few Minutes Later My Fingers Give Me Intense Pain. I Have To Go College Tomorro

In the first place, you should know that you have burnt your fingers with steam; it must be an extremely severe burn. Steam burns have a tendency to remain invisible and yet run quite deep. If you have not yet done so, please consult a doctor to see what degree of burns you have got. In all likelihood, you may quite possibly have second or third degree burns, which are actually quite severe and need to be taken care of properly. The first thing you can do is forgot the thought of going to college and trying to use your hands to write anything at all. You will need to rest your fingers for at least a week before you can hope to use them for anything as intricate as writing. You should also follow some basic methods to take care of this injury right at home. To begin with, you must keep your hand elevated as much as possible. This will prevent the excessive flow of blood to your hand and will prevent pain and swelling as well. If you have not had any skin erupt or break open, then you can apply plain white toothpaste to your skin. This will help by drawing out the excessive heat from beneath the skin and thus helping to speed up the healing process. Remember that running cold water on a burn only serves the function of stopping the internal burning process and does not really help to heal the burn at all. It is also a temporary measure. You can use it when you have just burnt yourself, but try not to use it repeatedly. This is because you need to keep your burnt skin dry as much as possible. This is he best way for it heal rapidly and well.

An excellent remedial measure is to apply a paste made of clarified butter and turmeric powder to your burnt skin. Both of these products have strong healing properties and the combination will help to heal your skin better and faster. This will also ensure that there are no scars or stains left behind later. You should also ensure that you do not use your fingers as much as possible. This will otherwise cause unnecessary bending and breaking of the surface of the skin and will worsen the condition of your hand instead of making it better. Give the injury about a week or two to heal fully.

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