My lips are swollen and puffy and they are turning black. The tips of my fingers are blistering one by one with painful splits and cracks

Your lips may be swollen due to a number of reasons such as eczema or glucagonoma which cause the lips to be inflamed. The swelling may also be caused by allergic reactions to particular foods or environmental changes such as being exposed to any extreme weather condition. Extreme heat and solar radiation can damage especially your lower lip, leaving it swollen and dry. If your upper lip is swollen, this may indicate stomach disorders, including heartburn, over-acidity, and ulcers. To reduce the chances of swollen lips, you should always be careful about your food intake and avoid food that might cause an allergic reaction. Lip swelling can also be a result of an allergy to the material that your mattress and pillows. If the swelling on your lip does not decrease in a few days, check if there is any swelling on other parts of your body and consult your doctor for further information. In addition, your lips may be turning black due to carcinoma, which is the darkening of the lips because of smoking. This blackening can also be caused by an excessive alcohol consumption and bad oral hygiene. Reducing and controlling your alcohol intake and quitting smoking will stop the further blackening of your lips.

The painful blistering on the tips of the fingers may be symptoms of dyshidrotic eczema. This type of eczema is manifested in deep and often clear blisters in the palms and soles of your feet and causes painful itching and burning. Avoid itching the inflamed skin. To dry up some of the blisters, soak your hands in salt-water for some time everyday. You must also apply moisturizer often, especially if your hands have been in contact with water. Use only delicate and mild detergents to wash your clothes. Ensure that you use mild soaps and body washes while bathing.

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