I am seeking pain management in the joints of the fingers. I have also lost all my nails. Help me on this.

If you are seeking pain management for the pain in the joints of your fingers, it is a good thing to deal with this acute discomfort. If you are losing your nails, which is to ask if they are falling off periodically or with any regularity, then this is a serious cause for concern. A look at fingernails can indicate a vast variety of problems. If your fingernails are falling off, then you can be sure that this is not something ordinary. In all likelihood, you may have suffered from some serious physical trauma of a large degree, which is the reason why this has happened to you. It is never clear why exactly something like this should happen in the first place. The reasons for it happening differ with people it has affected. For instance, in some cases, thyroid problems can be a cause of nails falling off. But this would be a symptom only if the disease is in a very advanced stage, or if it has taken an unexpected or unusual turn. It is certainly not normal for everyone who is affected with a thyroid disorder to have their finger nails or toe nails fall off. Sometimes, it can also be due to some sort of extreme and serious kidney problem. in some cases, when the body totally rejects absorption of all calcium, this could also result in your nails falling off. This may also typically be indicated with nails that have become brittle or break away from the skin easily. Basically, lack of calcium absorption can wreak havoc on the life and strength of your nails. You would have to get a medical examination in order to determine whether or not you are suffering from this unusual and unique problem.

There are no easy remedies that can be recommended for recovery from nails that have fallen off. The only thing you can and should do is work at improving your general health and immunity. This will definitely make a difference. You can add a daily dosage of Indian gooseberry to your diet. This is easily available in pill form in stores that sell natural and organic goods. You can also start taking Echinacea, well known in ancient herbal medicine as the immunity plant. This will also work the same way and it is also available in the same kind of places. Try to make this a part of your daily lifestyle rather than doing it just this once.

answered by M W

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