Sinusitis Remedies: I Have Been Suffering From Severe Sinusitis Problem. Please Advice Some Home Remedies For The Same.

It is not clear exactly what you mean when you say that you have difficulty sneezing. Are you unable to sneeze because it is painful or uncomfortable or somehow physically impossible? Or is it just that you feel the urge to sneeze but it then disappears before you can actually sneeze? If it is the former - if you have been experiencing pain or discomfort - you should visit a doctor as soon as possible, in order to determine exactly what is wrong. It is not possible to diagnose such a problem without a physical examination. However, in the latter case, it is unlikely that there is a problem. Many people experience a similar situation - there is some irritation that makes you want to sneeze, but somehow the irritation is not strong enough for you to actually sneeze. This can of course be quite frustrating, so if it continues, you could ask your doctor about it. With the measures described below however, your symptoms, including this one, should get milder. Your headaches though are unrelated to your inability to sneeze - the headaches are a common symptom of sinusitis, and are the result of the build up of mucus in the sinuses.

Among the most effective home remedies for chronic sinusitis is nasal irrigation using a home made saline solution. This moisturizes and cleans the nasal cavity, thus reducing blockage and irritation. Simply add salt to a glass of water, and then squirt this water into your nostril with a syringe. Today special devices are also available to perform this treatment, and if you want you can ask for them at any drug store. You should of course not squirt the water with too much force, or you may end up hurting yourself. Nasal irrigation should be done at least once a day, and is more effective if the water is slightly warm.

In addition to nasal irrigation, you should drink plenty of fluids, as this too keeps the nasal cavity clean by making the mucus thinner, and therefore more likely to drain. Steaming is another treatment that works similarly, and should be done every night. For this too, special devices are now available, but you can just as easily put hot water in a basin, and then breathe in the steam. If the headaches still occur, you can apply a hot compress to the affected area. Finally, if all these measures do not provide adequate relief, you should consult your doctor about other options.

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