I have Thyroid, Rheumatic Arthritis, Sinusitis problem due to which I bleed, I am over weight too, I want to be thin can't do yoga as my nose bleeds, please suggest some alternative remedy?

Thyroid underfunction, Rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, nose bleed all have one fundamental disorder common, called pitta vitiation in ayurveda. Treat the nosebleed and other conditions will get automatically helped.

Only after stopping nose bleed you will be able to carry out yoga, breathing execises, herbal supplements necessary to address problems such as RA, Obesity.

answered by S B

There is insufficient information regarding your gender, age, percentage of excess weight, activity pattern and dietary regimen. Recognition and control of frequency and quantity of eating helps in managing weight. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and being active makes you healthier. Try exercises, such as aerobics, weight training and dancing, as these increases flexibility of joints and relieves you from stiffness caused by arthritis. Hypothyroidism results in weight gain. This might be a contributing factor for your excess weight.

answered by r k

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