Health advice for sinus infection with dizziness

Try the following home remedies to treat sinusitis as well as dizziness -

  1. To create enough humidity and to drain the sinuses take a warm water shower or a steam bath or a hot water steam. This will help open the blocks, relieve pressure and decrease pain.
  2. While you are at work trying other home remedies is often not possible, so just a cup of mild hot coffee, tea or soup would also help.
  3. At night before going to bed turn on the humidifier in your room to avoid drying of your nasal passage. This would help to relieve sinusitis.
  4. Keep yourself well hydrated this will not only help the mucus flowing but also work against dizziness.
  5. An herbal tea using different herbs like fennel, fenugreek, holy basil or saga can also prove beneficial.
  6. Blow one nostril at a time and try to remove as much mucus as you can.
  7. Focus on a point that is steady when you feel dizzy this will help to pass the dizzy phase quickly.
  8. Take a look at your medicines as dizziness may be a side effect of certain medication.
  9. Avoid diet drinks, caffeine, alcohol and sugary or starchy foods if dizziness persists.

answered by Dr S

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