I have a deviated septum for some years but it has only been diagnosed last may. I have a lot of problems with breathing, feeling very poorly, pains etc. I had chropnic sinusitis before and probably still do. What can i do till i see a specialist?

If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis, then you have probably been battling the constant ache round your nose and eyes. Sinusitis refers to a condition where the cavities around your nose and mouth are infected. The infection causes you to experience a constant feeling of pressure around these areas. In your case your septum is the culprit. When the septum, or the bridge between the left and right nostrils, leans to one side, this leads to a block in one nostril. This leads to various problems like nasal polyps and sinus. However, since you have not yet seen a doctor, I would advice you to see one as soon as possible because a proper diagnosis is absolutely essential.

Hot drinks provide some relief when you are suffering from clogged sinuses. Drink plenty of soup. You can also try sipping hot water during the day. Try inhaling some medicated steam. This will help to clear up you sinuses. Lean over a vessel of hot water to which some eucalyptus oil or even a dollop of some mentholated stuff has been added. Breathe in the steam.

Including fresh garlic and onions in your diet will help you. You can start by using them in small quantities and gradually increase your intake. Eating a couple of cloves of garlic every night will help you too.

answered by G M

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