How can mineral oil be used

Mineral oil is also known as paraffin oil and is a byproduct made from petroleum. It is produced in abundant quantities, which is why it is cheap. It is a light, clear and odorless oil that will not spoil. Mineral oil is a blend of hydrocarbons; it is liquid petrolatum and has several uses around the house. It easily cuts through grease and dirt and hence is widely used as a make-up remover and also to clean metal items and to polish and condition wooden furniture and articles around the house. Mineral oil should however not be used on human skin as it often has adverse effects. When you apply mineral oil on your skin it creates a thin layer on it blocking the skin pores. This prevents the elimination of toxins from the skin and does not allow the skin to breathe. After it gets absorbed by our body the liver breaks it down and it then passes through the intestines where it absorbs all the fat soluble vitamins found there. This creates a deficiency of nutrients in our body. Besides this in some studies mineral oil is also known to aggravate certain skin problems like acne and may also cause cancer in some cases. Some people use mineral oil as a laxative but it might cause lipoid pneumonia, which is a disease of the lungs. It is known to be used an enema for constipated horses and also to clean the cats ears. Do not use mineral oil if you are planning a baby, if you are pregnant, or if you are breast feeding your baby as it can affect the baby's health.

Since it repels water mineral oil is used to coat things that need to be protected from moisture to prevent oxidation. It has a low burning temperature and a high flash point and it does not burn as a liquid hence it is used by fire breathers and fire spinners. It is also used to make attractive scented gel candles. Other uses include its use in the making of lava lamps and to darken countertops made of wood or soapstone to condition it and give an attractive finish. It is also used to coat clay items to give it a used and worn rustic look. Since it easily cuts through grease and gum it is also used to remove the residue left behind by sticker labels.

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