I have an asian oil that supposed to help with gas pains of being pregnant will this be harmful to me or my baby it contains chamomile oil 0.05 Grams, and citronella oil 0.8750 Grams, and it's called aceite manzanilla

Essential oils such as this are better avoided due to the reasons that during manufacturing process, they get contaminated by xenohormones.

Secondly, gas, constipation are pregnancy problems as pressure of devloping uterus on colon and bladder gives overactive bladder, and sluggish colon, constipoation. In third trimester, even stomach capacity gets reduced due to developing uterus.

Best choice to tackle gas, constipation etc is to eat fiber rich food, leafy vegetables, nuts, fuits and avoid soft carbs, sticky oily food. Salads, milk (If not lactose or casein intolerant).

A banana is best laxative. If not allergic to milk, with milk, its natural laxative action becomes enhanced.

Trifla is also a soft laxative as well as anti-oxidant.

answered by S B

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