What can I add to bathwater to relieve itching?

You can try several methods to relieve itching. If you want to add something to your bath water, what you add would largely depend upon what has caused the itching in the first place. If you know the reason for the itching, it becomes easier to suggest a solution. Otherwise, there are some generic things you can add. The only thing is that you may have to keep trying them out one by one to see which one works out for you. If you are facing this itching problem due to allergies of some sort, then you can use lime juice for it. Add a cup of lime juice to a whole tub of bath water for best results. Soak in this for about 15 to 20 minutes. This should show positive results. But keep in mind that this may also cause dryness of the skin subsequently. Make sure you apply adequate amounts of moisturizer to help you avoid that problem. Lime is a basic sanitizer and will help to rid your skin of any surface bacterial infection. As an alternative, you can also use organic apple cider vinegar. Even if you do not find apple cider vinegar, make sure the plain vinegar you use is organic. Organic products are preferable when plagues with a skin problem of any kind.

If you have developed a heat rash, you can add a bit of sandalwood powder to your skin. This will take care of any heat related itching. You can also add a whole cup of rose water to your bath for the same purpose. Products such as sandalwood and rose help to soothe and cool your skin, therefore reducing the itching considerably. You can also add a bit of yogurt to your bath. Whip this so that there are no lumps and throw in about a liter to a whole tub of water. This will help to sanitize your skin, soothe and cool it as well as moisturize it well and richly. For minor infections and bacteria, this is the perfect solution for you. This is because yogurt contains live and active bacteria which will feed off any of the same substances on your skin. You can also have a milk bath to soothe your skin. Just pour a whole gallon of milk into a tub full of water and this should do. Soak for about 20 minutes and bathe as you normally would for best results.

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