Soothe Red Itchy Skin

by Shaun Damon

Since this is a new development, you should try to pinpoint what exactly causes your skin to become itchy and red or inflamed. Is there something in your routine that you have amended? Are you trying out different foods or different kinds of drinks? Is it a new cologne or soap that you've purchased? Sometimes even stress can cause your skin to suddenly flare up. If this reaction is persistent, you should ask your physician to take a look at it. Bear in mind that itchy red skin could be the result of numerous triggers. Most commonly such scratchy reddish skin could be what results from a rash. It could be anything from eczema to contact dermatitis to some insect bite. Getting your doctor to look at your skin is necessary to get to the bottom of this skin ailment and to make sure it's not contagious. This will also make suitable treatments more effective. Remember that sweat or bacteria, if it remains on your body for a lengthy time, can cause that itching. So do maintain a stringent sense of hygiene, but keep in mind the tips below.

Usually, aloe vera is a universal soothing application for your skin. The clear gel obtained from a fresh leaf may be rubbed onto the patch that is itching. Similarly, calamine lotion has been known to work wonders when it comes to soothing itchy red skin. Baking soda paste could prove to be helpful in your case. Some types of itches respond more to moisturizing. It could be dryness that is actually affecting your skin. This is because dryness is the most common complaint leading to itching skin.

The reason it's important to get a thorough diagnosis is because different problems respond to rash treatments very differently. For example, if what you have is a yeast rash, moisturizing might only make things worse. You could cause or exacerbate itching by excessive bathing and using water which is hot as well as soaps which are too harsh for your skin. Swift cool showers could make all the difference in such cases. Try switching from scented soaps to those that help moisturize. If using a moisturizer, do so as quickly as possible after toweling. Instead of fancy, scented moisturizers that are outrageously priced, some good old fashioned petroleum jelly can be great after your bath. Stay clear of hot or even chlorinated water. While swimming can make that rash worse, there's also a chance of passing that rash on to others.

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