how can i relieve itching from red bugs or chiggers

The southern region of the United States of America is populated heavily by Chiggers or what you probably call the red bugs. Though present in large numbers in the southern region, they are by no means limited to that region alone. Campers and hikers have often had experiences with them and more often than not, these experiences have been rather unpleasant. These chiggers are actually larvae that are microscopic and frequently attach themselves to the skin of human beings to feed. Chiggers are chrome red in color and are usually found near dead vegetation and tall grasses. They belong to the spider family and are multi-legged, resembling dog ticks.

If you are walking through thick foliage where the chiggers are present, they will get on to your skin in all likelihood. The chiggers usually attach themselves to the warm and soft flesh around the ankles which is closest to the ground and usually most easily accessible to them. Wrists, the groin, and the waist are also areas where the chiggers might attach themselves. It immediately attaches its mouth to the skin and starts to digest the skin. The small bites can be rather painful and the breakdown of the skin tissue causes burning, itching and rashes. The itching becomes worse on scratching and reaches a point where the victim can’t do anything but scratch violently till the skin breaks and starts to bleed. The itch can be from both the bite and the saliva that the chigger secretes. The saliva helps break down the skin tissue. These itch spots become raw and often appear as red spots on the skin. In the groin area, it usually appears as a big rash characterized by raw and broken skin.

The best way to get rid of chigger bites is to take a bath. A bath will wash away the chiggers from your skin. To get rid of these completely, you may use a scrub and massage gently so that there is no way that even one of them can be left behind. Change your bed sheets, clothes and any other thing that might contain these chiggers. If the chiggers have already bitten you at several places, it is best to moisten an aspirin tablet and rub it all over the effected area. vitamin E oils and creams are also considered an excellent treatment for chigger bites. You can topically apply these on the affected area and then leave it for some time. The redness and soreness will take some time to go away but the burning and the itching will go away instantly.

answered by G M

Add 3-4 drops of Lavender essential oil to a cup of water. Shake well and spray or swab over affected area.  Lavender provides immediate relief for most insect bites.

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