Thigh Pain Causes and Treatment

I get burning sensation is my upper thigh and am not able to work. I had my right leg replaced. Please help.

If you have had a leg replacement, and are suffering from this kind of pain post that surgery, then you should be taking better care of your leg. To begin with, you need to determine that you have taken the amount of rest prescribed by the doctor for a person with your condition. Sometimes, we tend to believe that we have recovered faster than we actually have. If you are young, your body may not have fully healed and you may very well believe that it has due to the major factor of age being on your side. Try to keep in mind that the body will follow a routine of healing, like anything else. You should respect the amount of time it needs and give it. It is also good to know that a good diet and following the recommended amount of exercise will also make a major difference in how fast and well you heal. You are also advised to improve your levels of immunity while in the process of healing. For this purpose, you can boost your intake of vitamin C, which is the essential nutrient needed to make your general immune system stronger. The best and most powerful natural source of this vitamin is Indian gooseberry. Try to find the fruit fresh. If you live in a tropical country, this will be easier to do than if you do not. If you cannot, however, you can always try and have it in pill or powder form. This is easily available at natural goods stores. Although it may be slightly expensive, the extra expense is worth it for the miraculous results you will see after taking it.

In terms of exercise to keep yourself mobile post operatively, you can join a proper course of Yoga. This will teach you several exercises that target treating and improving conditions such as yours. Yoga is also an extremely mild yet powerful and effective way of exercise. However, it is important that you find a proper and qualified instructor for yourself. Otherwise, you may very well be misguided, and this can sometimes backfire with negative results. Also keep in mind that Yoga can only be started once your doctor has given the go ahead for it. It is inadvisable to follow any regimen of exercise before you have fully and properly healed, as it may cause more damage than good. also, you would have to be regular in your exercise routine.

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