I have been suffering with piles for the last 6 months really painful at times i find it hard to walk an sit down. Do i have anything to worry about.

Piles or hemorrhoids are a very common problem that can cause great pain and discomfort. Over half of all Americans develop hemorrhoids during their lifetime. Commonly referred to as ‘piles’, hemorrhoids are characterized by swollen, tender veins in the anus and lower rectum. They cause itching, irritation, and a burning sensation, and can be extremely sensitive to the touch. In most cases, there is some level of bleeding as well. It is difficult to completely avoid this condition, since there are many causes. These include a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, poor diet, and family history. In almost all cases, the hemorrhoids heal themselves if the individual follows proper health care and an appropriate diet plan. Most treatments are focused on reducing your discomfort and pain while your body heals.

Topical compresses (hot or cold) can do wonders for your suffering. Try sitting on a plastic bag of ice; the cold will not only relieve the irritation, but also reduce the blood flow to the sensitive veins. However, do not use an ice pack for more than 15 minutes at a sitting, to avoid tissue damage due to the cold. You can also have a warm bath to soothe the affected region. You doctor has probably already prescribed some ointment. You can also try natural remedies, including aloe vera. This non-toxic gel is anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe the irritated area. Some people dab vinegar on the hemorrhoids, since it has astringent properties that shrink the swollen veins. Perhaps the most important part of your treatment is your diet. If you make the right choices, you can maintain a healthy digestive system, with regular, soft stools that do not irritate your hemorrhoids. You should start by gradually increasing the amount of dietary fiber in your meals. Good sources of fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, beans, and brown rice.

Make sure you also drink a lot of water to keep your system hydrated. Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and colas. You should include prunes (or prune juice) in your diet, since they have a natural laxative effect. Follow regular hygiene habits as this will help to regularize your bowel movements and prevent constipation. Avoid straining while defecating, as this increases the pressure on the tender hemorrhoids. You should also include some level of regular physical activity, since this will help stabilize your digestive system. You can have a glass of warm water in the morning as this will help to stimulate bowel movements.

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Treatment for painful piles

I would say that you have plenty to worry about. If you have piles that make walking around or even sitting down difficult, I think you should be seriously worried. You need to take an instant stock of your lifestyle and make attempts to alter it. To begin with you will need to see a doctor at once, so that she can give you an accurate diagnosis.

Piles is a condition that is seriously linked to the kind of life that you lead. If you are the kind who eats lots of processed food and gorges on fast food that explains why you are suffering from piles. You should include plenty of salads and fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drinking several glasses of water during the course of the day is believed to be beneficial. Sipping on warm water and fruit juices is beneficial too. Radish juice is believed to be beneficial to people suffering from piles. Drinking a warm glass of milk at bedtime has also proved to be beneficial. Shift to a high fiber diet by substituting white bread with whole grain bread. Eat a banana every day and try to eat papaya too. Tea and coffee should be cut down drastically.  

You will also need to ensure that you get your daily quota of sleep. With these dietary changes you will find that the pain will be reduced. Once that happens you should draw up a regular schedule for Physical exercise.

answered by G M

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