I am 22 year old boy. I am suffering from piles since 10 days and I have stomach pain sometimes. What is the quick cure for piles? I am feeling very bad now a day. Please help.

In order to get rid of piles that are so rampant and painful, you would have to first begin by attacking the reason you have these piles. For most part, the commonest reason for piles can be excessively hard stools or eating excessively spicy food. If you are suffering from very hard stools, then you will have to make changes in your diet that will take care of this problem. Excessively hard stools are caused by a diet that is poor in fiber and very high in carbohydrates and processed foods. You will have to start adding fiber to your diet in order to facilitate soft stools. This is the only way you can take care of the situation. Typically, hard stools tend to aggravate piles. You will find that you have to strain harder to have a bowel movement. Also, hard stools are abrasive in nature and will hurt your anal cavity while being passed more too. One of the fastest ways to add fiber to your diet is to take psyllium husk each night before going to bed. You can mix this in hot water and have it like porridge if you want. You can also chase the husk down with comfortably hot water. Make sure that the water is hot so that the product works well.

This should show you overnight results. Keep in mind that you should not adopt this as a daily ritual or something to that effect. You are better off and healthier if you add natural fibers to your diet. Fresh and unprocessed fruits and vegetables should be able to do this very effectively. You should also make it a point to cut back on all bakery goods such as buns, cakes, pastries and white breads. This will also ensure that your system is in good running condition at all times. Make sure you also drink plenty of water. This will also help to facilitate your stools and make them softer. Excessively spicy food can make it difficult for you to have a bowel movement. This is simply because spice in food can cause extra burning sensations to your anal cavity due to which it will not relax sufficiently and not enable a comfortable bowel movement. Spicy food can also erode the delicate lining of your inner anal cavity. On a long term basis, this can lead to other related health problems as well. Cut out spice from your diet.

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