My wife's menses are delayed by nearly 25 days, what may be the reason, what are the remedies to start her menses?

Menstrual Periods Causes and Treatments

Pregnancy is of course the first possibility that you need to consider if your wife's period is 25 days late. I assume that you have already considered this and ruled it out. If pregnancy is not a possible cause, there are still a large number of factors that could cause a delay in menstruation. Some of these are minor, temporary problems, while others could be health problems that need to be addressed.

One possible cause is illness or stress - if your wife has had some health problems recently or has been unusually stressed out for any reason, this could cause a delay in her period. It might also be some medication you're your wife is on, rather than the illness itself. Even if your wife has for some reason lost or gained a lot of weight recently, this could be the cause of the delay in her period. Of course, sudden weight gain or weight loss is itself a cause for concern, so if this is the case, it should be looked into immediately. Menopause is another possible cause, especially if your wife is around the age of 50.

There are also some rather serious disease that can cause menstrual periods to stop or become irregular, so the best approach is to visit a doctor and find out if anything is wrong.

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