Advice On Parsley And Delayed Menses: I Read That Parsley Is Good For Delayed Menstruation. Please Help Me!

Delayed Menstruation can be caused by :stress,illness, travel,excessive exercise, change in body weight, lack of rest, depression, poor diet etc. While parsley is considered an effective herb to stimulate menstruation. other herbs that can stimulate menstruation or end pregnancy are known as "emmenagogue" herbs.

Some other useful and mild herbs that cannot harm, even if your are pregnant are : ginger, sage and rosemary. All of these herbs can be boiled in water, and the water can be had 3-4 times a day to stimulate menstruation.

Other beneficial herbs are : Angelica root and pennroyal .Among fruits,the papaya is most beneficial in treating delayed periods.

answered by B C

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