Pelvic Cramps

by Sam Malone

Cramps can be highly disturbing in whichever area they occur, in the same way pelvic cramps can be highly disturbing too. There are several reasons why pelvic cramps occur, these are dysmenorrhea, this in other words means painful menstruation. This affects almost 50% of women. In some cases pelvic cramps are so sharp that these might render women incapacitated for full 3 days. This is one of the major reasons of absence of women from school or workplace. This affects mostly women of childbearing age.

Another reason of pelvic cramps is muscle spasms, these spasms occur when there has been heavy physical activity or lifting for weights that has put pressure on the spinal column and therefore there are cramps occurring in the pelvic. Spasms last several minutes and take some time to heal off. Some people might get acute spasm resulting into sweat and exhaustion.

Another reason for pelvic cramps are the muscle cramps which occur because of similar reasons as muscle spasms, however, these do not last for a long period of time, neither does it leave a person very exhausted as in spasms.

Digestive system too has a role to play in pelvic cramps. Eating wrong food, or permanent body condition might cause gases inside a person's stomach. The gas moving in the gastric tract might give pelvic cramps if it cannot escape. This cramps can be acute too, taking a proper medicine can cure a person for this gastric problem and occurrence of pelvic cramps thereafter.

Pelvic cramps are not a reason for serious worry, these occur and then tend to disappear as soon as the spasm and pain gets over, pelvic cramps can be avoided by putting in healthy body habits, so that there is no or least tension on the spinal column, eating right as well as correct urinary hygiene is also required.

Pelvic cramps can be avoided totally. However, help of a doctor may be required to be taken in case there is constant or long lasting occurrence of the spasms. Pelvic spasms should be checked with the doctor, you can even try noting down occurrences if these are frequent in nature.

Pelvic cramps can also occur due to extra tension on the pelvis, either due to clothes or due to menstruation. Though menstruation does not occur in men, men too might get pelvic cramps due to gas pains or as muscle spasms at the time of doing menial labor. Taking care of yourself might help you a long way in case of pelvic cramps.

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