Dark Hair Natural Remedy and Care Using Amla Juice

Indian gooseberry juice is an effective way to get your hair darkened. Of course fresh indian gooseberry juice is effective. However, people normally do not find the time to extract fresh juice every day and apply this to the hair. That is why you can extract the juice of fresh amlas and store this in a bottle. Ensure that you only store it in the fridge since other wise it could go bad. Another easy way to give your hair the indian gooseberry treatment is to use dried pieces of indian gooseberry. You can boil these in hot water and then let them soak in the same water overnight. In the morning you can use the water to rinse your hair. Another remedy that you can try involves using powdered indian gooseberry powder. Boil four tablespoon of the powder in a cup of water. Leave this overnight. In the morning you can apply this to your hair and leave it on for at least half an hour. You can keep it on for up to an hour if you like. This way you don't need to worry about the fresh indian gooseberry juice and the most effective way to store it. Drinking indian gooseberry juice is beneficial to hair growth too.

answered by G R

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