Can cranberry juice or tea brewed with fresh parsley prevents or cures urinary tract infections?

It is not clear whether you have posted a suggestion for a problem of urinary tract infection or are asking a question. There could be several reasons for urinary tract infection and the treatment for the same would depend accordingly. Cranberry juice does help in treating urinary tract infections as it creates an energy barrier that prevents the microorganisms from getting close enough to latch onto cells and start an infection. Parsley helps to fight off the infection causing bacteria and is thus beneficial in treating a urinary tract infection.

A healthy bladder is usually free of bacteria. But some times the bacteria from the anus or the vaginal area may enter the urinary tract through the urethra as they are located very close to it and this might lead to an infection sometimes if the bladder is unable to rid the bacteria by itself. Cystitis is the most common type of urinary tract infection and another type is known as pyelonephritis, which is a more serious condition as it infects the kidneys. The symptoms include frequent urination and the feeling to pass urine even when there is no urine or very little of it, burning and or pain while urinating and in the urinary area, discharge and pus in the urine which is also called as pyuria, passing of blood in the urine also known as hematuria, mild fever called as pyrexia, foul smelling and cloudy urine, presence of protein in the urine, vomiting, pain in the lower back, sides and the groin area, pain or pressure in the abdomen, chills at night and sweating, excessive weakness. Women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection then men. This could be due to the fact that a woman's urethra is very short as compared to a man's urethra so the bacteria have a lesser distance to travel till the bladder. Besides this a women's urethra is located very close to the vagina and the anus so the risk of bacterial infection increases.

Some factors that lead to the urinary tract infections are:

  • Sexual intercourse, it increases the risk since it facilitates the transfer of bacteria from the genital area to the bladder.
  • Birth control methods like condoms have certain chemicals on it that might irritate the vaginal tissues and make it prone to infection
  • Insufficient water intake results in less urine and the bladder is unable to eliminate the bacteria out of it and that results in an infection.

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