How To Make Hair Black Naturally?

Hair and skin get their color due to a substance called melanin. There are two types of melanin in the body: eumelanin and pheomelanin. There is one more type of melanin that is contained in the neurons called neuromelanin but does not play a role in pigmentation and is beyond the purview of this discussion. The amount of melanin that is present in the human body depends totally on the amount of melanocyte cells that one is born with. Melanocyte cells are the cells that are responsible for creating melanin in the skin.

Hair color is as genetic a component as the color of one’s skin, though there are subtle variations in races and even in families. To a certain extent, it can be said that a maintaining a good hair care regime helps one to protect the natural hair color. To answer the question of what your exact hair color is naturally pull on hair off your scalp and check the shading at the root. If the color is even, then the color you have is your default hair color and the only way to change it would be to color it. Hair color is categorized based on longevity and how much time it remains on the hair. This is usually measured by the number of shampoos that it can withstand. The best method is to start out with temporary hair color that last for one shampoo session. This can help you judge the correct color for your hair before you go for a more permanent color. Ideally, this is not an exercise that you should do at home considering that there is a chance that you could get the colors wrong. Most hair stylists use different shades and are masters at the technique of making artificially colored hair look as natural as possible.

The dangers of hair coloring are limited to the use of permanent colors. Hair color can never be truly permanent since hair growth cannot be tampered with. What this means is that once the hair starts growing again, the original colors will return and the contrast might be quite stark. Another danger in using permanent hair color is that repeated use will damage the hair and cause it to break off. Hair is a highly complex protein structure but it is very susceptible to damage from some forms of chemicals that are found in permanent hair color.

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My hair colour is a dirty dark brown. How can I make it healthy black?"

You have asked for answers to two questions. You want to darken your hair and get it thicker. In order to get thicker hair you should ensure that you spend some time every day on taking care of your hair. In addition you should ensure that this treatment is carried out regularly for a period of time in order to see define results.

Massaging the scalp is generally accepted as the most effective way to promote hair growth and to improve the quality of hair. Warm some coconut oil and massage this into your scalp using the tips of your fingers. You can also use olive or sesame oil on your scalp. This massage is most effective if the oil is kept on for a few hours. When possible you should leave the oil on overnight. Use a gentle shampoo to wash it off. You should also periodically apply the white of one raw egg on your hair and wash it off before it gets fully dry. Once a month you should mix four to five large tablespoons of henna powder with tea decoction and leave it overnight in an iron pot. Apply this on your hair in the morning and let it dry before you wash it. For black hair you should soak some indian gooseberry overnight. You can use powdered indian gooseberry which is easily available and apply this on your hair before your bath.

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