How to unclog an ear? Suggest some remedies

Ears are something we cannot do without. All the news, views, and gossip gets to us through them. In turn, our ears cannot do what they are supposed to if they are not cleaned well. Wax secreted by glands in the outer ears accumulates over a period of time. And if you do not take the effort to clean it up, your ears will not make that extra effort to hear the new bit of salacious gossip quite well.

Use a cotton swab and slowly and ever so gently roll them into the ear canal. Once in, use the swab to clean the wall of the canal. Repeat this procedure twice of thrice. Use a fresh cotton swab each time you decide to clean the ear. You might also want to clean the ear with a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Pour this mixture into the ear or use an ear syringe to do so. The mixture starts to bubble and froth in the ear canal. Once the bubbling and frothing stops, tilt your head into the basin (that you must keep close at hand) to drain out the mixture together with the dirt and the wax in the ear. If your ear still does not feel light after the cleansing process, you must fix an appointment with your family physician to get a proper examination done.

answered by M W

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