Postponing Menses Naturally: In The Month Of April I Have Some Religious Functions So I Want To Postpone My Periods. So Please Help Me If There Is Any Home Remedy. I Am Allergic To English Postponing Medicines Help Me Regarding This.

Delaying menses tips

Most women have fairly regular menstrual cycles that cannot be delayed using any natural methods. However, as your menstrual cycle is controlled by your hormones, stress and sudden changes can delay them by a few days. Some women can effectively delay their cycle by shocking their body through sudden intense bouts of physical exertion. Some women go on extreme water fasts, in which they completely deprive their bodies of any nutrition and only drink large amounts of water for a day or two. These methods will not have any lasting negative effects on you but they will leave you temporarily fatigued. In addition to this, these methods only work for some women and are not foolproof.

There is only one natural method that is widely accepted. It requires you to consume fried gram lentil soup on a daily basis for a week leading up to your due menstrual date. You will need to have the lentil soup along with a cup of warm water every morning on an empty stomach. Although this is a very well known traditional method, it has no scientific basis and more importantly there are not too many women who have actually tried it themselves, so you cannot be certain that it will work.

I suggest that you visit a doctor and discuss your allergic reactions to certain pills with him. He will be able to give you a prescription drug that will not cause any reaction.

answered by G M

Postponing menses naturally

Hi Deeptha I understand your problem. It can be very embarrassing if you happen to have your menstrual periods at the time when you have some family function. However you should know that a woman's menstrual cycle is entirely dependent on her body. The monthly cycle varies depending on the physical, emotional and other upheavals in a woman's life. Very often you find that if you have undergone some mental pressure, your menstrual cycle will be affected. You will either notice that your menstrual cycle is advanced or else it is delayed due to these changes in your life.

However, like most natural things it is not a good idea to meddle with your menstrual cycle. You could try talking to your doctor to explore other options for postponing your periods.  It is generally believed that eating food that is 'hot' affects the woman's body and even advances the menstrual cycle. Going by that belief you can help postpone your periods by ensuring that you eat food that is cool and completely avoid eating food that is hot. You should avoid eating hot and spicy food. Avoid adding herbs like ginger, garlic and pepper in your food for at least two weeks before your periods are due. Instead eat food that is cool. Avoid eating papaya and sesame.

answered by G R

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