Remedies For Postponing Menstruation Periods: I am getting engaged on 11th of this month and my menses date is on the 12th. I am scared if I get my periods before 12th. Are there any homemade remedies in which I can keep my periods postponed for at least

Natural Remedies to Postpone Menses

There are no scientifically proven natural methods to delay or postpone your menstrual period. Since your menstrual cycle is controlled by your hormonal levels, stress or a sudden change can delay them by a few days. Some women can effectively delay their cycle by forcing themselves to get worried and mentally stressed while others shock their body into submission through sudden intense bouts of physical exertion. You can also fast for an entire day and only drink large amounts of water. This will deprive your body of all nutrition and thus change your normal hormonal pattern. However, these methods will leave you temporarily fatigued (without any lasting negative effects on your body). In addition to this, most of these methods work for just some women and they are not foolproof.

There is however one widely accepted natural method. Consume fried gram lentil soup every day for a week prior to the due menstrual date. Have the lentil soup with a cup of warm water on an empty stomach each morning. This is a popular traditional method, but has no scientific basis, with not too many women having actually tried it, and the success is uncertain.

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