Home Remedies To Prepone Menstruation: Is there a natural way to prepone my period? I have a puja at my home and I do not want to postpone or cancel menses.

The menstrual cycle is one of the most important systems in a woman's body when it comes to her reproductive health. The menstrual cycle is primarily the monthly shedding of the uterine lining that develops in the woman's uterus during the phase of optimum fertility. Once the fertile period has ended, the lining is thrown out of the body through this process and a new lining is formed during the next phase of fertility. Women are known to suffer from variable amounts of pain and discomfort when going through their monthly period - which is why one can understand how so many of them look at options and methods of how to prepone periods naturally in an attempt to ensure that the entire process does not, in any way, interfere with a very important schedule. Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle should last between 3 days and five days - with probably the second and third days being the most painful for the woman. There are a number of naturally occurring menstrual medical complications that could see this timeframe lengthened or reduced while also there could be significantly different levels of pain and discomfort that the woman is likely to experience. Functions like weddings, religious ceremonies as well as any other joyous occasion is always much more fun when not going through the period and, as a result, are the most common reasons that people look for ways to prepone menstruation naturally. For the purpose of preponing periods naturally, one could make the use of home remedies for early periods that are very helpful and have limited side effects.

Because of the fact that is always a huge demand for natural ways to prepone periods, you can find a lot of information online as well as through other sources such as the many books likely to be gathering dust in the health and living section of your local book store. However, before getting into the various methods of how to stop periods naturally as well as looking for home remedies to get periods early, it is important to make sure that you understand how beneficial it is to the body to leave things as they are and to avoid altering the hormonal makeup of your system as, in the end, that is essentially what you will be doing. It is highly recommended that you attempt to take pills to prepone the menstrual cycle only in situations where you have absolutely no choice. This is because the use of pills to prepone periods could cause certain major side effects to the body that could affect your general health to a certain extent.

Birth control pills are known to be one of the most effective methods of preponing the menstrual cycle - but are considered to be unnatural methods because of the heavy chemical influence that the pills have on the human body. The major problem with attempting to unnaturally or naturally prepone the menstrual cycle is that the body tends to get overly reliant on whatever chemical factors are involved with the altering of the internal cycles - something that could cause significant complications later on - especially when trying for a baby.

Increasing your intake of carotene containing foods is known to be one of the best and most effective methods of preponing menstruation naturally and some of the most wholesome fruits containing this substance include papaya, peaches, carrots and spinach. Sesame seeds are another food additive that is known to help bring a woman's menstruation dates significantly forward, thereby helping her to co-ordinate her schedule more effectively. Another very highly recommended option when it comes to stopping menstruation naturally is to consume a pinch of turmeric powder twice a day. The best method to perform this is to mix a pinch of the powder in a glass of hot water and have it once in the morning and again later in the evening for a period of about 15 days before the expected date of periods. Increasing the heat in the body is also known to help prepone the menstrual cycle. The use of turmeric in seeds is known to naturally prepone menstruation by a period of 5-5 days. Consumption of red meats such as beef and mutton are also known to increase the chances of preponing your menstrual cycle. Again, the consumption of red meats work on exactly the same principle as that of the sesame seeds - where the internal heat in the body builds up and thereby causes the cycle to start early.

There are various methods of simply stopping periods naturally often used when a woman senses that they are going to significantly interfere with certain functions. For instance, one of the most effective methods of stopping the menstrual cycle is to engage in some kind of strenuous physical activity such as running, cycling, swimming as well as playing football as all of these activities will place physical stress on your body and thereby alter your body's hormonal makeup and natural cycle. It is also highly recommended that before you choose to perform any natural home remedies to get periods immediately or early, that you also make it a point to consult your physician to make sure that it is safe to do so.

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Generally a natural cycle is better not to be hindered. Under unavoidable circumstances, birth control tablets are advice, the cessation of which resumes your menses. It is recommended to do it under the guidance of your physician.

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