Boil Cure Advice: Should I Pop A Boil That I Have? If I Do Will It Spread More Infection Causing More Boils?

It is best not to pop a boil, as this can invite infection. It is unlikely to cause more boils to develop, but the risk of a more serious infection and scarring certainly exists. A boil is basically an infected hair follicle, containing pus and dead cells. Usually the infection is minor and the body handles it without any help. Most boils heal on their own within a week or ten days. If your boil lasts longer than that, you should visit a doctor. It may then need to be burst or lanced, but this is best left to a doctor, who will do it carefully, using sterilized equipment. It is also a good idea to go to a doctor if you experience a lot of pain or swelling, or if there is also a fever.

Normally however, there is no need to worry; simply make sure that you keep the area clean, particularly if and when the boil bursts on its own. Till then, avoid scratching or pressing the boil, and gently apply a warm compress as often as you feel like. This will provide relief from the pain and also speed up the healing process. You can also apply a paste of turmeric powder and water to the boil to fight infection.

answered by M W

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