Treatment for eye infection and eyelid boil

What you are describing is a sty. These can be very painful and look awful. The best way to treat this problem is with the black tea bag dipped in very hot water. By holding this under your eye for 30 minutes to one hour, dipping the bag as needed to keep the hot, at least three times per day you should be able to both clear up the eye infection and the sty within 24 hours. You can also hold cotton swab dipped in a mixture of hot water in tea tree oil on the sty for fifteen minutes. These treatments will help to clear up this problem. If you’re still having trouble with the eye infection you can make that drops out of black tea and apply several drops to each eye four times per day to have the infection cleared within 24 hours. Eye infections are not pleasant but they can be treated naturally with little trouble or expense. Most people have the ingredients for these treatments lying around the house, so this makes most problems easily treated without exposing yourself to the harsh side effects and expense of prescription drugs and topical medications.

answered by R P

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