Suggest some Natural cures for diabetes and high cholesterol.

Remove sugar and fatty products from your diet and eat a lot of green beans Do a lot of running or walking, keep your weight low.

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Natural Cure for Diabetes and High Cholesterol

Natural remedies and cures are very effective for treating diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Here are some of the most useful cures for regulating blood sugar levels:

  • Beanpod tea is a tea composed of kidney, navy, lima and northern beans. This helps sin detoxifying pancreas and reduces the level of sugar.
  • Cedar berries are good for nourishing pancreas and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Bitter melon, gudmar and gulvel are few of the other herbal home remedies that help to regulate levels of sugar in your body.
  • Dandelion root is also an effective measure to protect any kind of liver infection. This herb helps in conversion of nutrients into glucose.
  • Fenugreek seeds are also beneficial for reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Ginseng tea is also useful for treating diabetes.
  • Juniper berries, bilberry, buchu, golden seal and uva ursi are also effective for treating diabetes and lowering high levels of cholesterol.
  • Apart from these herbs that are widely used for curing diabetes, you also need to follow a low fat, high fiber diet.
  • Eat more of vegetables and fruits to cut down the need for insulin and reduce blood sugar surges.
  • You also need to keep a check over the carbohydrate intake. Avoid eating high glycemic foods such as white flour and white rice because these foods are easily and quickly converted to blood sugar, eventually resulting in high insulin level.

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