I'Ve Been Diagnosed With High Level Of Uric Acid, Cholesterol, Kidney Stones And Diabetes. Suggest Some Home Remedies To Tackle All These Problems?

Kidney stones are caused by an imbalance of the chemicals which are found in our urine. Increased quantities of some chemicals can cause the formation of kidney stones. Other reasons for kidney stones are bad food habits. If you want to get rid of the kidney stone, you should make drastic changes in your food habits. You will have to cut down on your intake of meat since this is one of the primary causes for the formation of stones in the kidney. You will also have to reduce your intake of tea and coffee. Stop eating food products that use white flour. Sweet food items should be completely avoided. You can extract basil juice and combine this with some honey before drinking it. You will have to drink it for at least six months. You can immediately introduce celery in your daily diet since this helps get rid of kidney stones.

For you high cholesterol you can boil three or four cloves of garlic in one cup of milk till the milk is reduced to half its quantity. Drink this every night. Regular consumption will help lower your cholesterol. Coriander also works wonders on high cholesterol, especially when it is taken after being ground into a paste. This should be drunk with water every morning. This will bring down your cholesterol. You should also make it a practice to munch on a handful of sunflower seeds every day. Sunflower seeds contain Linoleic acid which is a great aid in reducing the cholesterol. You should start using olive oil in your cooking since it is very beneficial in reducing the cholesterol. You should also increase your intake of onions. You can extract the juice of one onion and consume this every day. Instead of eating heavy breakfasts or even eating white bread, you should shift to eating bran flakes or even corn flakes. These are an excellent source of energy and they bring down your excess cholesterol.

For diabetes you can eat bitter gourd as often as you can since this is one of the most effective ways of bringing down the diabetes. You can also mix two tablespoon of the juice of Indian gooseberries with a cup of the juice of bitter gourd is very effective in bringing down the diabetes. You will have to consume this mixture for at least two months, taking care to ensure that you don't miss a single day. You can also eat two tablespoons of powdered fenugreek seeds in the morning, with a cup of milk. You can also eat whole fenugreek seeds since these are known to bring down the diabetes.

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