I'm 25 lbs underweight, and have high cholesterol. How do I gain the weight, while keeping my cholesterol levels down?

Although it is difficult to gain weight while watching your cholesterol, this is not impossible. You will have to take extra care to ensure that your cholesterol does not go up in your attempts to gain weight.

The food items that contain a high level of cholesterol are food items like butter, lard and oil. You should ensure that you avoid these completely. You can eat food that has been baked with a minimum of oil. You can also eat salads and stay healthy by using only a minimum of their rich dressings.

To gain weight you will have to adopt a two pronged approach. Not only will you have to improve the quality and quantity of the food that you eat but you will also have to do regular exercise.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy options which will not add any cholesterol. To make these even more safe, you can ensure that you use only a very minimum amount of oil when cooking the vegetables. Avoid eating fried foods stuffs since these are very high in cholesterol. Dairy products like cheese and ice creams contain a very high amount of cholesterol and for that reason should be avoided. Instead you can drink skim milk. Met of most types is also very high in cholesterol. You should avoid eating red meats for this very reason. Instead you can eat fish at least twice a week. Grilling it with only a very little oil makes it a healthy option.

Vegetables and nuts have a very low level of cholesterol in them and should therefore be eaten in large quantities. Whole grains, pulses and seeds also have a very small amount of cholesterol in them. All of these can be consumed. When you soak the lentils overnight and then strain them and leave them in a corner of the kitchen, you will find that they sprout sprouts. These are very healthy and can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These sprouted lentils, can be mixed with chopped vegetables to make a delicious salad. When cooked they can be used as the main part of the meal.

You will also have to devote a part of the day to your exercise regime. You may have to seek the help of a health care processional who can guide you on the best forms of exercise. Remember to follow the schedule for the exercise program sincerely since this will help you not only gain weight, but also look healthy.

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