Home remedies for discolored lips

There could be several reasons for spots on lips. Smoking is one of the most common reasons for the development of spots on lips or teeth. Some toothpaste brands also have this effect on your teeth or lips. You should first check the composition of the mouth wash and toothpaste you use. It might also be a good idea to examine other products that you use on your lips. Often some medication causes the development of back spots on the lips. An increase in the iron levels in your body or even hormonal imbalance can cause discoloration of the lips. You should visit the doctor to get an accurate explanation for your condition.

You could try applying some freshly squeezed lemon juice on your lips. Lemon juice has bleaching quality. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey. Apply this on your lips before going to bed. If you smoke then you need to cut down on this habit. Ensure that you drink plenty of water during the day. Try to eat a regulated diet of healthy food. Include plenty of green vegetables. Try to avoid using spices in large quantities in your food. Don't eat food that is very hot - cool it before you eat it.

answered by G M

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