How to get zinc oxide cream out of hair?

How did the chemical get on to your hair? Have you applied some kind of hair color or is it due to the uasage of chemicals in the form of shampoo, strengtheners and conditioners. Allergic reactions with hair dyes are common, calling for more attention while doing so. Hair colors or dyes are applied with the help of gloves, to protect the hands from the harsh chemicals. Washing the hair post dyeing is essential, as the excess is washed out. Mixing various dyes is not preferred, as it gives rise to severe chemical reactions. The correlation between hair professionals and incidence of breast cancer is much greater. Straighteners are chemicals used to straighten curly hair. The wavy nature is changed to a straight one. Straighetned hair requires a lot of care. Regular conditioning is important. Try limiting the usage of hot styling tools, such as hot combs, curling irons and blow dryers. Styling gels are used in a careful manner. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common bleaches used to lighten hair color. Regular and proper hair care is essential.

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answered by Dr C

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