I have a scalp that sweats and I shampoo it almost everyday and due to which I find my hair thinning. Is shampooing everyday not advisable?

Hair washing advice 

The problem is not shampooing, it is the kind of shampoo that you are using. Most of the shampoos that you find in the market today contain a very high level of chemicals. What is more these harsh chemicals strip the essential oils and moisture from your scalp. This makes your hair dry and brittle and easier to break.  I would suggest that you refrain from washing your hair too often. Restrict shampooing to twice or thrice a week.
What you need to do is to examine the shampoo you are using. Then look for a gentle cleansing shampoo that will not harm your hair. Other reasons for thinning hair is the pollution, dust, smoke that you subject it to everyday. Try and cover your hair when you go out.  Use a scarf rather than a hat. A hat will only make your hair sweat further.

You can try massaging the roots of your hair with warm oil at night. Massage the yolk of one egg with honey into your hair. Wash after half an hour. When washing your hair, keep the temperature of the water closer to cool than to hot. Avoid combing your hair too many times while it is wet.
Eating healthy will help your hair look healthy and bouncy. Stay away from oily food. Instead, eat fish, milk and vegetables.

answered by G M

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