I have recently come to US from India and facing a problem of hairs, my hairs are getting oily. Earlier I used to wash my hair twice a week but now I am washing it daily. Tell me any home remedy which can help me out? Thanks!

You are probably experiencing this problem because of the sudden climate change. Factors like humidity and dryness and even temperature have a great impact on your hair as well as your skin. It is thus not uncommon for people who migrate or travel frequently to experience such problems. You will need to give your body some time to adjust to these changes. Do not wash your hair too frequently as this can rob your hair of its natural oils and damage the hair follicle itself. Tomato juice is mildly acidic and so you can soak your hair in tomato juice for at least thirty minutes or so before you wash your hair. This will help to reduce the oil levels from both your scalp as well as your hair. You can also use lemon juice as this too is effective in controlling sebum levels. If your hair is extremely oily, you can try mixing both tomato juice and lemon juice to ensure that your hair remains sebum free for longer. When washing your hair make sure that you do not massage your scalp vigorously as this will only excite the sebaceous glands causing them to produce more sebum. Massage your scalp lightly and wash your hair with warm water as this will help to dissolve oils present on your scalp and will leave your scalp less oily. When combing your hair try not to let the teeth of the comb press into your scalp as this too will massage your scalp and trigger the production of sebum.

Even if you have damaged hair do not use a shampoo that is meant for damaged hair as they invariably contain oils and moisturisers that are better suited for dry hair. As your main problem is oily hair, concentrate on buying a shampoo that is specifically designed for oily hair.

answered by M W

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