My father has diabetes, high blood pressure, heart blockages and kidney failure. He is on dialysis. Please suggest home remedies for regaining kidney function, prevent water retention, high blood pressure & diabetes, without side-effects on kidneys.

As you are no doubt aware, kidney failure, also known as renal failure, is a very serious condition in which the kidneys fail to function adequately. Renal failure is often caused by another medical condition, such as diabetes mellitus, which you say your father does indeed suffer from. Untreated high blood pressure over a long period of time can also lead to kidney failure. In addition, long term kidney disease can lead to other complications, such as cardiovascular disease, or worsen existing medical conditions.

Due to the complex and sensitive nature of renal failure, it is best not to experiment with home remedies unless they are discussed with the doctor who is treating the patient. There are several extremely effective home remedies that you can use to treat high blood pressure and diabetes, however some of these might have undesirable side effects — for example, vitamin E is recommended due to its ability to limit the damaging effects of free radicals, however it is also a blood thinner. Especially since your father's condition seems to be serious enough to require renal dialysis, I would recommend that ask your doctor for some safe and appropriate suggestions. These will primarily be dietary modifications, vitamin supplements, and medicinal herbs.

answered by G M

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