I am 47 years old. I have high blood pressure diabetes from last 6 months. My eyes become red swollen and remains every time wet. I eat antibiotic and put eye drops but I don't feel better. Please suggest. What can I do?

Diabetes mellitus or what is more commonly referred to as diabetes is a disorder that causes irregularities in the metabolism and the blood sugar levels of the body. This is because of low levels of the hormone insulin in the body. The symptoms of diabetes include excessive urination (this is because of high levels of glucose), a constant need to consume liquids and blurred vision (this is caused due to the effect of the high levels of glucose on the eyes.

Other symptoms also include sudden weight loss and a feeling of lethargy. Therefore the reason your eyes are red and swollen is because of the fact the diabetes. Therefore the best option is to seek the help of a doctor to better understand why this happens and how to get rid of your problem.

You can help yourself by making certain dietary changes and taking your medication properly. As far as possible avoid consuming starchy foods. Reduce the amount of oil that you consume and try consuming smaller quantities food as opposed to very large meals. Consume vegetables like cucumber and broccoli and tomatoes (they specifically help lower the blood sugar levels). Following these preventive measures in tandem with proper medical attention should be able to alleviate your symptoms. high blood pressure could also be a contributing factor and if allowed to increase unchecked it could lead to organ damage, loss of vision or kidney disease. Fish oil has certain properties that are thought to lower high blood pressure. Thus reducing the level of blood pressure and controlling your diabetes through medication, dietary changes and lifestyle change like reducing the amount of stress on your life will have a positive effect on the overall health of your body and help you to deal with your symptoms in a better and more effective manner.

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