Slow flow when urinating. How to improve the flow?

Advice on urine flow

Standing urination velocity, or SUV as urine flow is commonly known, can depend on the fullness or emptiness of your bladder, the circumference of your urethra (the tube through which urine exits your body), and the pressure you do or don't apply while urinating. If your slow flow of urine is not accompanies by a burning or painful sensation, chances are there is nothing to worry about. However, in order to increase urine flow, you can consume large quantities of water in a short time and then see how it works. For instance, if you drink three litres of water within an hour and urinate at least 30 minutes after this, the flow should increase. You can try to drink approximately an additional three litres of non-alcoholic barley water within a day to improve your urine flow. Barley water is perfectly harmless and has the added advantage of cleansing your system by flushing the kidneys well. You can try this remedy for a week. Another time tested remedy is consuming cranberry juice, which also works towards flushing your kidneys and maintaining urinary tract hygiene. Additionally, you must keep the genital area clean and dry in order to ensure that there is no remote possibility of any kind of poor hygiene or infection.

answered by G M

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