what can I do to prevent grey hair. I am a diabetic and very strict in my diet. I am over 50 years

Graying is a natural process that is linked with advancing age. People often worry about how gray hair would make them look. As a matter of fact, gray hair adds grace to aging and most people with gray hair can carry it off very well. With an increase in age, the production of melanin starts decreasing resulting in the appearance of gray or white hair. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its natural color. Hormonal changes, insufficient blood supply to the scalp, unhealthy lifestyles, nutritional deficiencies, stress, anxiety and insufficient rest are other factors that contribute to graying. The increasing pollution levels and a constant exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun also aggravate graying. Medication and illnesses like diabetes can quicken the graying process. Once the graying process starts, very little can be done to stop the process completely. However, there are numerous ways to postpone graying of the hair that is not affected as yet.

A well balanced diet with a sufficient intake of water ensures the proper functioning of the body and improves blood circulation. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seafood and poultry are recommended for restoring hair color. Indian gooseberries, carrots, curry leaves and black pepper are also believed to improve the production of melanin. Excessive amounts of alcohol, caffeine, oily and spicy foods decrease the production of melanin and should be avoided. Meditation techniques curb graying by reducing stress and anxiety levels. Simple deep breathing exercises can be performed whenever you find yourself getting stressed, thus preventing other chronic disorders like cardiovascular diseases as well. Getting adequate amount of sleep is also essential. Exposing your scalp to direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes a day may help in increasing the melanin production as melanin is the body’s natural sunscreen that increases with exposure to the sun’s rays. However, too much exposure to sunlight can quicken the graying of hair. Hence, keeping your head covered with a scarf, when outdoors, is recommended. The use of hair color should be minimized as the chemical content results in gray hair.

Massaging the scalp regularly improves blood circulation in the scalp and the flow of natural oil to the hair follicles, thus improving the general quality of hair. A hair tonic made by boiling fenugreek seeds in castor oil or Indian gooseberry oil helps in the restoration of natural hair color. A paste of coconut oil and ground hibiscus flowers massaged into the scalp also increases the production of melanin.

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Your age is a strong factor for the development of grey hair.

Try the following simple home remedies to prevent grey hair -

  • Boil one cup strong black tea. Strain it and apply on the scalp when cool. Leave for an hour and rinse with plain water, do not use soap or shampoo.
  • Massage your hair ever alternate days using coconut oil and lemon; this is a very effective remedy to avoid gray strands.
  • Use natural home made shampoo and conditioner. Soak 10 pods of sapindus mucorosai and and half the amount of acacia concinna pods in water, next day morning boil it and use the water as shampoo. Similarly soak 10 dried pieces of indian gooseberry at night, next day morning boil it and use as a conditioner.
  • Make a paste using fresh indian gooseberry and apply this on the scalp one hour before washing the hair. This is also a very effective remedy for grey hair.
  • Avoid any kind of emotional stress and stay mentally relaxed.

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