how to bring down your menstrual?

The normal, periodic discharge of blood and uterine wall lining is known as menstruation and this process starts at puberty. It is a natural process that occurs approximately every twenty eight days in women who are in the reproductive stage of their lives. After every menstrual period, the uterus prepares itself for the development of a fetus wherein the uterine lining plays an essential role. But, when the egg is not fertilized, it dissolves and the uterine layer is shed leading to a flow of blood through the vagina. This flow of blood gradually increases and then decreases, till it ceases, lasting for a span of 2 - 7 days.

Menstrual bleeding is accompanied by tenderness of the breasts, nausea, headaches and the most common symptom being painful abdominal cramps. Menorrhagia is a condition wherein there is a sudden increase in the flow of menstrual blood that is caused by hormonal changes, pregnancy or disorders affecting the uterus like fibroids, tumors and cancer. A deficiency of vitamin K could also be responsible for heavy menstrual bleeding. An excessive blood flow is not healthy and consulting a gynecologist, at the earliest, is recommended to prevent further complications. From your question, it is unclear if you are asking for remedies to reduce menstrual bleeding, painful cramping or other symptoms that accompany menstruation.

Healthy food, rest and physical exercise play their part in maintaining a healthy body. Consuming plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially during menstruation, will give your body the nutrition it requires. Avoid the consumption of oily, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol during the menstrual flow, as they interfere with the proper flow of blood. Drinking plenty of water prevents dehydration and maintains the volume of blood in the body. Bromelaine, an enzyme found in pineapples, helps in reducing muscular tension and therefore, consuming fresh pineapples is recommended to reduce the pain caused by cramps. Ginger, known for its anti inflammatory properties, can be added to tea to reduce cramping. Ginger will also minimize nausea as it aids digestion. Alternate methods of reducing abdominal pain include placing a hot water bag on the stomach and back or taking a hot bath. The warmth from the hot water bag or the bath will cause the muscles to relax, thus relieving painful cramps. Over exertion can cause an increase in bleeding. The herbs agrimony and goldenseed are known to reduce bleeding during menstruation. Banana flowers, cooked and eaten with yogurt, are also believed to reduce excessive bleeding.

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Menstruation Health Advice

Menstrual pain is the reason that most women wish it away. The cramps, pain and bleeding and all the inconvenience that comes along with it however cannot be escaped altogether since it is your body's way of showing an effective uterine cleanup. More importantly menstruation is nature's way of preparing the body for pregnancy, even if you may not be interested in it. Hence its part of a normal however if the monthly periods are coupled with excessive bleeding and a longer duration then these are signs that need attention. Far from them being pleasant these get unbearable at times are signals that go to show that the body is stressed. And on the other hand, the lack of menstruation, irregular periods are also signs that indicate problems regarding infertility or hormonal imbalance, namely thyroid etc. These can also mean attention to the cervical or endometrial issues.

Try using a heating pad to get rid of the pain, a good warm soak in the bathtub also helps relieve the cramps during the menstruation cycle. A little bit of exercise also goes a long way. a couple of exercise sets including simple sit ups before and after the menstruation cycle every month, greatly reduces the cramps and helps to exercise the abdominal-wall muscles. Apart from coping with the period, it also helps to strengthen you for future periods.

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