Treatment for foul body odor during menses

During the menstruation cycle, many changes take place in the chemical composition of a female's body, a change in hormones cause body odor to increase. The alkaline content of the blood tends to increase during the menstrual cycle, leading to the emission of strong menstrual odors. The vagina, being moist and acidic because of the flow of blood, forms an excellent medium for the growth of bacteria which cause the odor. Aside from this, menstrual odor tends to be much stronger in women who have a majority of masculine hormones. They undergo enormous hormonal changes and have increased body hair. Hormonal changes themselves undergo changes with time and trying to regulate these changes is not possible. Trying to pinpoint the exact cause for menstrual odor is very difficult but some of the main reasons include excessive perspiration in the genital area, wrong dietary habits, and not keeping your vaginal area clean during your period. You should begin working on improving your bodily conditions in general, ultimately aiming for the elimination of odor during your menstrual cycle.

Most often, the body releases scents of foods that have been recently consumed. In case you feel that your menstrual blood emits a foul smell, examine your food and check the possible reasons for the odor. It is recommended that you avoid foods like meat, eggs, onion and Garlic during your period as they tend to cause an increase in body and menstrual odor. Canned foods will also have an increased content of iron, causing a strong smell of menstrual blood. Ensure that you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits during this time.

Many foods can help in detoxifying the body and keeping yourself free from menstrual odors. Fruits and vegetables that are bought fresh from the grocer are far better than canned or processed foods. Eating Parsley is recommended because it is known for its properties of improving breath and body odor. Figs and almonds, as dry fruits, are useful in fighting menstrual odor. Commonly used effective methods of controlling menstrual odor are by changing the sanitary napkin regularly, thereby keeping the vaginal area clean leaving no suitable condition for the growth of bacteria. The use of cotton underwear is recommended, along with loose cotton clothing. Avoid the use of clothing made with materials like polyester and nylon, as they could aggravate menstrual odors. It is also recommended that you ensure that your pubic hair is trimmed.

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The body undergoes myriad changes when you are in the process of menstruating. Your body chemistry changes, as does the hormonal balance of the body. The nature of bodily fluids also undergoes major changes as well. Sometimes, the pH balance of the fluids present in the body changes to such an extent that acidity levels increase as well. And there are times when the alkaline content of your body goes up. Basically, it is not possible to determine a suitable reason for the body odor you have started to emit. And it would be a waste of time and effort to try and isolate a reason and then set about taking care of it, the body sometimes goes through phases of hormonal changes which reverse or change with time. Some patterns last for a few years, some a few weeks. But the point is that you should not try to make changes in that area of things.

It is better if you try to take care of the odor by itself. This is a more effective method of dealing with the situation. The first thing you must know is that you smell of what you eat. If your body or menstrual blood - it is not clear which - is emitting a foul odor, examine your meals. Try to stay off strong foods for the duration of your menstrual cycle. Avoid onions, garlic, meat and eggs. Concentrate more on fresh fruits and vegetables which are not canned or processed, as the latter will contain chemicals which may add to odor. Make it a point to eat parsley, which is an excellent agent for good breath as well as body odor. You must also try to bathe twice a day during this time, as it will be of considerable help. Use talcum powder with a pleasant scent. Try not to wear polyester and nylon clothes while menstruating, as they will add to body odor. Stick to loose cottons.

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