What kind of stone is put in a kettle to help remove minerals from the water?

I am not sure what exactly you are referring to. I am not aware of any such stone that helps remove minerals from water. In fact, on the contrary, many people prefer to drink mineral water specifically, as the salts and other compounds that it contains are considered beneficial. The sodium, calcium and other substances in water are essential for the human body to function normally. It is therefore unusual for anyone to want to remove the minerals from water. In any case, most normal drinking water contains very faint traces of minerals, if any at all.

Perhaps what you want is to remove the impurities, chlorine, and other contaminating substances from your drinking water. In that case, you can drink distilled water, which is available almost everywhere today. Distillation removes almost all impurities from water, and is the closest you can get to drinking absolutely pure water, without bacteria, minerals, ions, or any other substances. However, you should note that some research suggests that distilled water can allow the development of certain problems due to the lack of minerals and fluoride ions - for example, certain heart diseases and tooth decay. There are some products available that claim to purify water while adding minerals to it, but the descriptions of their working are rather unconvincing.

answered by G R

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