Dark neck remedies: The back of my neck is dark. How do I get rid of a dark neck?

The neck is an area that has several fine folds, and this makes it very easy for dirt deposits to collect there. It is possible that we do not pay too much attention to cleaning this particular area too thoroughly. This can lead to the akin around here becoming darker than it is on the rest of the body. Sometimes, excessive sweat accumulation also leads to this darkening of the skin. This is particularly common of people who live in tropical countries where it is typically warm and sweaty.

In order to take care of the problem, the first thing you need to start doing is to wear sunscreen before going out into the sun. This will ensure that you are not darkening your skin further at least. You must begin to follow a routine of regular cleansing and exfoliating your neck so that there are no deposits of perspiration or dirt there. You can use any scrub available over the counter or you can use a home made one, which will be ore effective since you can also add mild bleaching agents to it. Make an excellent one with yogurt and crushed walnuts. This will remove dirt and take away a layer or dark color as well. You must do this at least thrice a week.

answered by G M

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