Long menstruation remedy

I have long period issue its not stopping at all...wat will be the medicine to stop it and wat its cause...

Do not panic! Visit a gynecologist or general physician at the earliest possible. Medications are recommended, after identifying the cause. Heavy bleeding in menses indicates the presence of an underlying position. Dysmenorrhea or heavy bleeding is characteristic of a stress filled life style. Hormonal imbalance also cannot be ruled out. A prolonged period is that which extends after 7 days. This is of no worry in individuals in the menopausal age. Bleeding after intercourse is also seen to occur. Inadequate information regarding your age and sexual activity is mentioned. Causes of prolonged bleeding are pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, trauma, polyps, surgery, stress, steroid use, pregnancy complications, and abnormality in the thyroid or adrenal functioning. A record of the bleeding cycle and quantity is helpful in discussing the issue with your gynecologist. Bleeding for more than a week or prolonged for more than 3 cycles, the physician's guidance is immediately recommended. Soaking a pad in 2 hours and post menopausal bleeding also calls for immediate attention

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