How to Get Rid of Warts: What is the cheapest remedy for wart? Does it really disappear after a period of time by itself? Does onion really works? For how long should the process take using onion?

There are some easy to use remedies you can employ at home to get rid of warts. However, you should know that these can work very well or not at all. There are simply no guarantees of any kind that home based solutions can help you to get rid of warts. The thing with warts is that there are all kinds of warts. Removing or getting rid of them would depend primarily upon what type they are. This would also determine the time period involved in getting rid of them. Commonly touted, one of the cheapest remedies to get rid of warts is to make sure that they are "choked" off. For some reason, cutting off air supply to your warts is an effective way to get rid of them. For most part, this will make them fall off quite easily and well. So the cheapest and most highly effective remedial measure for a common everyday wart is to simply stick a piece of duct tape on it. Make sure the duct tape covers the warts fully, so that there is no supply of oxygen to the wart. This will ensure that the wart is effectively removed.

Another commonly recommended remedy for easy and painless removal of warts is to apply castor oil to them. You can simply put a large drop of castor oil to the wart and put a cotton ball on it. This can then be covered with a simple band aid. This will also help to get rid of your warts very quickly. Once again, your wart would simply fall off after a week or so. Keep in mind that these remedies may sometimes also take longer than a week. The thing is to be regular and be patient. Onion juice is also a good remedy to use for getting rid of warts. Onion juice is especially pungent and may take time to show results. You can use the remedy till your wart falls off. About a month of trying steadily should tell you whether or not you need to continue further. You should also be aware that using any or all of the remedies mentioned here is no guarantee that the warts will not recur. The biggest problem with warts is their tendency to recur at any time. Sometimes the invasive methods are easier ways to get rid of warts altogether. You may, however, want to consult with a doctor on what these are.

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