why do some women start there periods late. as late as age of 19. what can i do 2 bring it down soon

The first menstrual bleeding, known as menarche, is the sign of possible fertility in a woman. In the US, the average age of menarche is about 12-13 years, but in recent years that age is slowly declining. The timing of menarche is thought to be influenced by environmental and genetic factors and a young girl's nutritional intake. Genetic factors play the most important role in determining the timing of menarche, but social and health factors are also thought to influence a delayed menarche. These factors include a low-stress familial environment and being brought up around a number of older sisters. Dietary inadequacies can also cause a delayed menstruation cycle.

Women who have not achieved their menarche by the age of 16 typically tend to be underweight. For some girls, the delayed menarche may be caused by Turner's syndrome, which is a genetic disorder involving the sex chromosomes. To correctly diagnose delayed menarche, a complete medical review of body systems and growth patterns is essential. This will expose conditions that affect the reproductive system. In the ancient Indian system of ayurvedic medicine, black gram and linseed oil are prescribed to treat delayed menarche. You can also try linseeds-soaked water to help you.

Ensure that your diet is not iron deficient because this tends to increase the symptoms of blood deficiency. Teenage girls can also prevent delayed menstruation by sticking to an exercise routine and maintaining a normal weight. However, if delayed menstruation is caused by anatomic abnormalities, the symptoms cannot be prevented. You should then consult your doctor for more information.

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