Can stress cause a woman to be late or even miss a menstural cycle?

Stress can cause delay in menstrual cycle as a result of delay or even non-release of ovum. anovulatory cycles are characterized by scanty flow or just spotting. The hormones which enlarges ovum same ones also build endometrium lining.

On the other hand, lack of stress and presence of euphoria, singing heart can cause spontaneous ovulation followed by pregnancy at age 53, after 4 years of menstrual holiday. This lady, after suffering a tragic marriage, had a devoted lover at 53. This case is described by Susum Weed, a well known herbalist!

answered by S B

Yes, stress can have a variety of effects on the endocrine system. Often extreme stress can cause the onset of menopause in older women. However, physical exercise can often help mediate the effects of stress. Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and eating well. If your cycles do not normalize in a couple of months (and you are under 45 years old), consider seeking the advice of a trained health care practitioner to determine the cause for your symptoms.

Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

answered by Dr K B N

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