how do you cure burns?

The best treatment I have found for burns is Tea Tree Oil. It has been used for over 40,000 to heal a variety of skin ailments, including burns. Apply to the burned area with a cotton swab and cover the burn with a bandage of some sort to keep it protected. Leave the Tea Tree Oil on the burn over night and then change the bandage. After a few days, you can leave the bandage off and then apply cocoa butter or shea butter to the healing skin. This will help to nourish the skin and reduce the chance of scaring. With Tea Tree Oil, most of the time by the morning after the burn, there is little or no evidence of it. I have experienced this first hand and now my husband swears by it as well! This is a very amazing natural tool that disinfects and heals very powerfully. It was originally discovered by the aborigines from Australia. It is now known throughout the world for its holistic healing powers. As with anything, it is important to keep the burn clean and protected as it heals. Even though it might itch, do not scratch it or pick at it…this increases the chance of scaring and slows healing.

answered by R P

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