What is good remedy for burn?

A burn is caused due to accidental contact with fire or prolonged exposure to severe heat or direct sunlight. Burns are categorized as first, second or third degree depending upon the intensity of the symptoms. First degree cause only redness of the skin and mild pain, and heal naturally within a week. Second degree burns may cause the appearance of blisters on the skin, and make the affected area swollen. Third degree burns are the most serious and result in charring of the tissues beneath the epidermis, requiring professional medical treatment.

There are a few simple home remedies that you can try in order to treat minor burns naturally. As a rule, you should always reduce the temperature on the surface of the burnt skin in order to prevent the appearance of painful blisters. Soak the affected part in a bowl of chilled water for at least 15 minutes in order to soothe the inflamed skin cells. Following this, you should pat the area dry with a soft towel. Let the burn heal naturally for the first 24 hours. You may then apply the juice of aloe vera leaves on the skin. This produces a cool, soothing effect on the skin and reduces redness, pain and burning. Do not try to burst the blisters if they form. Instead, rub the area around the blisters very carefully and gently with a small piece of papaya. The natural enzymes present in papaya help prevent local infections at the site of the burn. A decoction made by boiling the extract obtained from celery leaves in half a cup of coconut oil may also be applied on the burns at room temperature to minimize the risk of infections. You may also mix a teaspoon each of turmeric powder and honey with a tablespoon of yogurt, and smear this paste on the burn in order to make it heal faster. Another simple yet effective natural means of treating burns is to mash a ripe banana to pulp, and apply this on the affected portion of the skin. This moisturizes and softens the skin, thereby reducing the itching and burning. Once the scab starts forming, you may massage the area with vitamin E oil daily to prevent scarring. Placing a thin slice of a raw potato also helps reduce the itching sensation. In addition to this, eat a protein and fiber-rich diet in order to quicken the natural process of healing.  

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