What should I use on burns from stem or hot water?

Home Remedies for Skin Burn

Unless a burn from steam or hot water is very severe, it can usually be treated quite easily at home. For the most part, the body will heal itself, but you can take a few measures to help it along and in addition, avoid infection and minimize scarring. Hopefully you have taken the necessary first aid measures, basically consisting of running cold water over the burnt area – this is very important as it stops the heat from spreading and damaging more tissues.

After this, you simply need to ensure that no infection sets in. Keep the wound clean at all times, washing it with cold water whenever you feel the need. This will also help soothe the pain, as will using an ice pack. You can also apply a little honey on the burns to prevent infection and scarring. Once the wound has started to heal, you can also apply aloe gel, preferably taken fresh from a plant, to the area. If a blister forms, be sure not to burst it forcefully; but when it eventually does burst, clean the area carefully.

These measures should be sufficient to treat minor burns – however, if you have been severely burnt it is best to seek medical help.

answered by G M

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